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Funeral Options

In a sense, there is no “right” kind of funeral. All the law requires is that a burial or cremation takes place and that the necessary regulations and procedures are observed when this is done.

Apart from this, the circumstances of the funeral can vary considerably, and our task as professional Funeral Directors is to help you create a ceremony (if there is a ceremony at all), which gives full value and importance to the wishes of yourself and the deceased’s life. We are experienced in carrying out the full spectrum of religious and secular services. Humanist or civil celebrants are available to advise and help with secular funerals, and we can make the necessary arrangements for a venue and for the committal which follows.

We also have experince in:

  • International Repatriation
  • Funerals in other areas of the UK
  • Exhumations
  • Green Funerals
  • Burials at Sea
  • Horse-drawn Funeral
Making Funerals Special
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