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Funeral Options

In a sense, there is no “right” kind of funeral. All the law requires is that a burial or cremation takes place and that the necessary regulations and procedures are observed when this is done.

Apart from this, the circumstances of the funeral can vary considerably, and our task as professional Funeral Directors is to help you create a ceremony (if there is a ceremony at all), which gives full value and importance to the wishes of yourself and the deceased’s life. We are experienced in carrying out the full spectrum of religious and secular services. Humanist or civil celebrants are available to advise and help with secular funerals, and we can make the necessary arrangements for a venue and for the committal which follows.

We also have experience in:
  • International Repatriation
  • Funerals in other areas of the UK
  • Exhumations
  • Green Funerals
  • Burials at Sea
  • Horse-drawn Funeral

Burial or Cremation

Whether you choose a burial or a cremation, we will make all the arrangements on your behalf.

Points to consider for burial:
  • A grave will be prepared in advance. If there is a family plot, we can arrange for this to be reopened and the head stone removed before burial.
  • You may want to reserve a larger plot if you or your family want to be buried close by.
  • Some cemeteries no longer have space for additional graves and land prices can be at a premium.
  • After the burial you will need to consider if you want a new memorial headstone, or an inscription added on an existing head stone. We can give you advice on memorials and any local regulations you should know about.
  • Some mourners may hold back from attending this part of the ceremony, but the burial is a deeply moving part of the funeral and the family may need and welcome support.
Points to consider for cremation:
  • It can be less expensive than a burial.
  • Service times vary between crematoria and our staff will be familiar with local regulations facilities.
  • All cremations are carried out individually to a strict Code of Practice.
  • Services can be held at the crematorium or elsewhere, for instance in a church, garden or hall, beforehand.
  • The ashes may be held at the crematorium temporarily and can be collected by you as you wish.
  • Cremated remains may be scattered, buried or kept, as you wish. We have a large range of urns available to choose from. Ask us for local advice and costs.

Cremated Remains

The cremation procedure is very strictly regulated and great care is taken to ensure that ashes are kept separate from anyone else’s. Dealing with cremated remains is a very important part of the funeral rite, yet can often be overlooked. There are many options available, including scattering in the crematorium gardens, burial in the local churchyard, cemetery or woodland site, burial or scattering in your own garden, keeping the ashes at home or even scattering at sea. We have a range of ashes caskets and memento urns and can also advise on options for memorials, including plaques that can be placed with a tree or shrub.


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